It was the vision of its original architect, Richard David Chalfant, that Ringfield would be a community which was a joy to live in, in a home designed to harmonize with the landscape and its neighbors. Set in rolling meadows or natural woodlands, the homes are clustered in small groups, typically three. Each “mini-neighborhood” is carefully fitted to a feature of the landscape, taking advantage of topography, views, and sunlight.

With more than 80% of the property as common open space to be shared by all residents, Ringfield is a community shaped by its environment. The entrance sweeps up through masses of white dogwoods. As you crest a rise in the lane, a great central meadow opens before you—a green undulation in spring and summer sprinkled with wildflowers, a tapestry of reds and browns in fall, a cosy white blanket in winter. From there, you round a curve and find yourself in cool woodlands. Add in three ponds and Ringfield is a haven for both people and wildlife.

ringfield - site plan

Ringfield Site Plan